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About School Sport Victoria

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About School Sport Victoria

School Sport Victoria, as part of the Department of Education, delivers an extensive school sport program to primary and secondary students across Victoria.

School Sport Victoria was established on 1 January 2010 following the merger of the Victorian Primary Schools' Sports Association (VPSSA) and the Victorian Secondary Schools' Sports Association (VSSSA) that occurred during 2009.

Through our interschool sport program, in partnership with State Sporting Associations, we provide opportunities for students to represent their school across a wide range of individual and team sports.

As a member of School Sport Australia, we provide opportunities for students to represent Victoria, under the banner of Team Vic, across various sports to compete at School Sport Australia Championships.

We deliver the Victorian Teachers' Games, a unique annual event that aims to bring the community of educators together for multiple days of sport and social activities.

Our extensive communication and social media channels inform the school sport community of participation opportunities, celebrate the achievements in school sport and demonstrate the value of sport to engaging and developing students and schools.

We work collaboratively with partners across community, state and elite sporting organisations to support the delivery of our school sport opportunities, connect school and community sport pathways for students and provide opportunities for students facing additional barriers to participate. We also work with sector partners to collaborate on ways to engage children and young people in physical activity and sport.

Our Strategy - 2020 to 2030

Our ten-year strategy, Strategic Directions 2020 to 2030, aims to provide a clear direction for School Sport Victoria to engage more Victorian students in school sport by creating more opportunities to participate and addressing future challenges.

It includes 5-year priorities and strategies for 2020 to 2025, to align with the timeframes of current Victorian Government targets across education, sport and health policies.

Read more on the School Sport Victoria Strategic Directions 2020 to 2030.

Our Purpose

We develop young people through school sport.

We support schools to maximise opportunities for all students to play sport.

Our Role

At School Sport Victoria, we enable students to PLAY sport, we champion the VALUE of school sport and we CONNECT school and community sport.

To support schools to maximise opportunities for all students to play sport our role will focus on:

  • PLAY - Providing inclusive and accessible participative and competitive opportunities in school sport to involve a wider range of Victorian students.
  • VALUE - Enhancing the role of school sport as part of a whole-school approach to physical activity and physical literacy of all students.
  • CONNECT - Facilitating partnerships between schools and communities through school sport to support life long participation in physical activity.

Competition Pathways and Progressions

School Sport Victoria provides student opportunities to play sport from local through to national levels, whilst enabling connection to community participation pathways.

You can view or download SSV's policy on competition pathways and progressions.

School Sport Victoria, Participation and Performance – 2010 to 2019 Sport Infographics

To celebrate SSV's 10th anniversary in 2020, we produced an infographics booklet that highlights the incredible participation and performance data across our first decade. From 2010 to 2019, SSV provided 6.1+ million sports participation opportunities for Victorian students including 3.8+ million participation opportunities for primary students and 2.3+ million participation opportunities for secondary students, which is remarkable. The publication includes: 

  • An overall infographic that highlights the sizeable scale of SSV participation opportunities and Team Vic performances; 
  • 'Top 10 Sports Participation Opportunities' infographic for the 10 sports that provided the most participation opportunities; 
  • Individual infographics for each of the 'core' SSV sports; and 
  • An infographic for the 'endorsed' SSV sports which are delivered by State Sporting Organisations. Additionally, the infographics include the participation rates for boys and girls and the participation percentages for each of the eight SSV regions.

Download the 2021 Participation Infographic Booklet

School Sport Victoria Membership

Join over 2300 Victorian primary and secondary member schools in accessing a wide range of school sport programs and benefits provided through School Sport Victoria.

This includes enabling your students to access the 650,000+ participation opportunities in interschool sport, participation opportunities in the SSV Play program, and over 900 opportunities to represent Victoria (Team Vic) at School Sport Australia Championships.

School Sport Victoria offers schools three levels of membership categories:

  • Full members (any Government school)
  • Associate members (any non-Government school)
  • Affiliate members (any non-Government secondary school).

For further details of SSV membership categories, visit the SSV Membership Policy.

A detailed outline of the benefits for each membership category is outlined in the SSV Membership benefits. 

Schools can apply to become a new member of SSV by completing an SSV Membership Application Form by 30 June 2023.

Membership Fees for 2023

Schools will be sent an invoice for your 2023 SSV Membership Fees early in the 2023 school year.

These are to be processed within 30 days of receipt – so that your school and students can access the range of benefits of being a member of SSV.

School Sport Victoria Advisory Committee

The School Sport Victoria Advisory Committee supports the strategic management of School Sport Victoria, including its strategic directions, key programs and stakeholder partnerships.

The School Sport Victoria Advisory Committee members are:

  • Megan Kerr, A/Director Statewide Services, Department of Education (Chair)
  • Tim Argall, Executive Principal, Donvale Christian College - North Eastern school representative (Eastern Metropolitan Region, Hume Region)
  • Sarah Burns, Executive Principal, Somerville Secondary College - South Eastern school representative (Gippsland Region, Southern Metropolitan Region)
  • Elisabeth McGuire, Teacher, Wodonga Primary School, North Eastern school representative (Eastern Metropolitan Region, Hume Region)
  • Mark McAllion, Director, Maribyrnong Sports Academy, Maribyrnong College - South Western school representative (Greater Western Region, Western Metropolitan Region)
  • Jennifer McCrabb, Area Executive Director Central Highlands, South Western Victoria Region, Department of Education
  • Campbell Atkins, Manager, Sport and Recreation, Wyndam City Council
  • Karen Pearce OAM, Executive Manager Growth and Inclusion, Football Victoria
  • Georgina McCann, Executive Director, Community Sport and Recreation Sport, Sport and Recreation Victoria
  • John O'Shaughnessy, A/Director - Child and Youth Health, Department of Education
  • Tania Fountain, Director, Fountain Marketing & Media Pty Ltd
  • Wayne Shultz, Teacher, Dallas Brooks Community Primary School, North-Western (North-Eastern Metropolitan Region, Loddon-Mallee Region) 
  • Lorena Guidos, Manager - Business Partnering, Department of Education
  • Michelle Barry, ACHPER Victoria Active Schools Support Service
  • Hilary Shelton, A/CEO, School Sport Victoria

Further information is available on the SSV Advisory Committee page

Victorian School Sport Network

The Victorian School Sport Network, coordinated by School Sport Victoria, is a collaboration of key partners supporting physical activity and sport participation amongst children and young people, across school and community settings.

Read more on the Victorian School Sport Network partners and the key areas for collaboration over the period 2020 to 2022.




School Sport Victoria Ambassadors

School Sport Victoria is very fortunate to have a wonderful group of ambassadors who support and advocate the importance of school sport. These include Olympic, World Championship and Commonwealth Games medallists and ground-breaking academics – all people who have attained the pinnacle of their career. SSV is indebted to each and every one of them who volunteer their time to promote school sport in a variety of roles. Read more...