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Frequently Asked Questions

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Please refer to the “Dress and Spikes” section of the rules document that governs this event. 


​Report to the marshal at the field event first so they know you are in attendance.  The field event marshall will allow you to leave the field event in order for you to compete in the track event at the scheduled time or when marshalling commences for this event.


​The top 3 runners from each timed final will remain in a holding area directly after they compete.  Once both timed finals have been conducted (max. 2) the times for all athletes are combined. The fastest 3 students will be presented with medals.  Students MUST run as fast as they can in their race, no second chances.


​Primary Students must come first or second at their Region Track and Field Championship to progress through to the SSV State Championships.  Secondary students must place FIRST to progress in all events with the exception of 1500m walk, 1500 run and 3000m run in which 1st and 2nd placegetters will progress.


​Your school should complete an invitation request on your behalf and submit it to SSV for consideration, requests cannot always be considered due to limited lane availability.


​Go to the SSV website select the Region button and then select your Region, click on the little green trophy on the right-hand side of the page.


​This will vary depending on the venue, please ask for specifics on arrival or check the course map for the particulars you are seeking.






​Check the program to determine what time your event/s start, report to the marshall at that event either 15minutes prior to the scheduled time or when the event is announced, if in doubt go and ask the marshall at the event well prior to the scheduled event time.


​You have qualified to progress to the SSV State Championships please find the information on the SSV website for the SSV State Primary Championships.


​Refer to the specific dress code details on the rules for the sport.  For individual sports, it is recommended that you wear your school sports uniform as you are representing your school.


​The SSV website is the most up to date point for all information


​Go to the home page of the SSV website, find the ‘search schools' option.


​All the necessary details of the SSV event you are looking for can be found on under 'Event Calendar' of the specific sporting page on the SSV website. 


​Given you meet certain eligibility criteria your school may be able to complete an invitation request on your behalf to miss ‘one’ level of competition. Please see SSV invitation policy


​The Convener must have hand sanitiser, wipes and spare single-use facemasks at a central location. Schools must supply their own for their teams.


​Check with the venue. You may be required to wipe down score benches after each match etc. Outdoor venues eg cricket club pavilion, you may be required to wipe down high touchpoints.




​District Coordinators will be asked to supply their calendar of events. SSV will contact the District Coordinators separately with instructions.


​No. It will only be needed if a venue requires it, so please check with the venue.


​Yes, definitely! They will then be counted as part of the staff required to deliver the event. Please make sure they have the necessary WWCC.


No, only as usually required by SSV for State and Region Championships. For contact tracing purposes, please make sure your teams leaving the school are recorded in the admin software as per all excursion requirements. For individual events, students' names will be recorded on the entry data, but they still must be recorded on the school’s admin software.


The base rule is for people 12 years and older to carry a facemask and be worn where physical distancing cannot be maintained. They are not required to be worn on the field of play. Be aware of any changes to restrictions that can be put in place at any time.


​Yes! Schools must-have supplies for their students to use and to clean any shared equipment.


All events must comply with venue limits inline with the current density ratios. This may be less than 1000. The State Government Public Events Framework, tier 3 applies to most SSV events, ie the number of spectators and competitors must be 1000 or less.

People required to deliver the event are not counted in this number. Spectators may be limited to 0, 1 or 2 per competitor, so please check with your school.

Anyone eg convener, referee, spectators, who are not included on the school’s excursion register. They can use the SSV QR code or the QR code of the venue, as long as one is used.


The DET Covid FAQs can be found via this link  (note this will only work for DET)

The DET COVID hotline can also be contact for enquiries and advice 1800 338 663.


​The key number is 1000 or less. But, we must adhere to the density ratio of the venue. Clear communication to schools prior to the event indicating if there are any spectator restrictions.


​It is best if you commence the process to get classified as soon as you know you will compete at your school level for track and field.  The process takes some time, so go to the SSV website to obtain information and the links to the organisation who are responsible for providing the classifications

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