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Gippsland Secondary

Gippsland Secondary



 Region Coordinators



Angela BurkeAngela BurkeCastle St, Mirboo North VIC 5667 9000Angela BurkeMirboo North Secondary College0431 474 418

​All Events for this Region are listed in either the Event Calendar located on right hand side panel or you can select from the Sport options listed in the left hand side panel to filter all Region Events for that Sport.

Results can be accessed for all sports by clicking on the Results Tab in the right hand panel of this page.

Please contact the Region Coordinator listed at the top of this page should you have further queries regarding the Region Events listed.​

If you are unable to make contact with the Region Coordinator you may like to contact​ Rick Thompson (School Sport Victoria School Support Officer for the Gippsland, Hume and Southern Metropolitan Sports Regions​)​ via ​Em​ail​



Gippsland Secondary Cricket Senior Boys Region Recreation Reserve 69{ca8fc5c4-96de-4cd8-a202-6def6a57b342}Gippsland Secondary Cricket Senior Boys Region5/03/2024 11:00:00 PM6/03/2024 5:00:00 AM
Gippsland Secondary Cricket Senior Girls Region St Sporting Complex Maffra70{ca8fc5c4-96de-4cd8-a202-6def6a57b342}Gippsland Secondary Cricket Senior Girls Region6/03/2024 11:00:00 PM7/03/2024 5:00:00 AM
Gippsland Secondary Swimming Secondary Girls and Boys/Mixed Region Leisure Centre65{ca8fc5c4-96de-4cd8-a202-6def6a57b342}Gippsland Secondary Swimming Secondary Girls and Boys/Mixed Region14/03/2024 12:00:00 AM14/03/2024 5:00:00 AM
Gippsland Secondary Softball Year 7, Year 8, Intermediate and Senior Girls Region Finals{ca8fc5c4-96de-4cd8-a202-6def6a57b342}Gippsland Secondary Softball Year 7, Year 8, Intermediate and Senior Girls Region Finals29/04/2024 12:00:00 AM29/04/2024 4:00:00 AM

Announcements  Announcements



GOLF IN 20241{afa31c45-955f-4b2f-b747-563bd930cd0e}GOLF IN 202430/01/2024 4:21:40 AM<div class="ExternalClass3827B5755BFA4EE1B7811EA9D5287442"><p>​<span style="background-color:#ffffff;">T</span><span style="background-color:#ffffff;">here are no </span><span style="background-color:#ffffff;">SSV </span><span style="background-color:#ffffff;">Golf competitions to be held this year. </span></p><p style="background-color:#ffffff;">See <a href="" target="_blank">Golf Australia </a>for information about junior golf opportunities. <br></p><div><br><br></div><p><br></p></div>