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Coronavirus and school sport

Coronavirus and school sport

Coronavirus and school sport

Updated Wednesday, 7 October 2020

The Department of Education and Training (DET) is continuing to monitor and act on the advice of the Victorian Chief Health Officer and the Department of Health and Human Services in relation to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Interschool sport – current status

Resumption of any interschool sport is dependent on advice from the Department of Health and Human Services that it is considered safe to do so.

Currently, for schools in regional Victoria, outdoor interschool sport can resume in line with community sport. No interschool sport is permitted for schools in metropolitan Melbourne.

Where outdoor interschool sport can resume during Term 4, the priority is to hold local level events and competitions. A range of health and safety measures will be put in place for outdoor interschool sport events and competitions.

School Sport Victoria will provide further updates in relation to interschool sport during Term 4 as further advice becomes available. 

School Sport Victoria understands and respects that schools will make their own decisions regarding their participation in interschool sport.

Cancelled interschool sport competitions and events

School sport will be delivered differently to previous years. This means that:

Some sports may not be delivered this year.

  • Students and/or school teams won't progress to State Championships.
  • Sports may be modified to suit the latest health advice, such as physical distancing. 
  • Sports may be offered in shorter or modified formats, as required.

Summary of cancelled interschool sporting events and competitions include:

  • All State Championships and Region Championships planned for Term 4, including Track and Field.
  • Swimming State Championships - the remaining Division and Region Championships may be delivered in Term 4, where possible.
  • Senior team sports (Year 11/12), including Premier League competitions.
  • Local District or Division events which cannot be rescheduled or provided in 2020. This may be due to the seasonality of the sport, access to venues or availability of schools to participate. Your school will be aware of the details for these events so we encourage you to contact your School Sport Coordinator.

The status of individual events will be updated on the events page of this website. 

Participation in virtual school sport

Playing sport can provide so many benefits to students. Remaining physically active is important to student's health and wellbeing – as well as supporting their learning.

School sport is also integral to supporting the achievement of the Education State targets, in particular happy, healthy and resilient kids and pride and confidence in our schools.

School Sport Victoria continues to provide a range of virtual opportunities to encourage students' participation during Term 4. These currently include:

  • An SSV Virtual Track and Field to encourage students to undertake a select number of disciplines including: sprints, run or walk, jumps, throw and a combined event – check out details here: SSV Virtual Track and Field.

Please continue to keep updated on other virtual opportunities that become available during Term 4 by checking School Sport Victoria communication via our website (, Facebook (School Sport Victoria) and Twitter (@SchoolSportVic).

We also encourage teachers, parents and students to check out these ways to remain active and practice your sport skills during this time.

Check and adhere to the current Victorian Government information for sport and exercise relevant to your local area by visiting the Sport and Recreation Victoria website.

Team Vic

There will be no Team Vic teams for 2020. School Sport Australia has announced that all Championships for 2020 are cancelled.

A provision calendar for School Sport Australia Championships in 2021 is available on the School Sport Australia website.

School Sport Victoria will open registrations on Tuesday 1 December 2020 for Team Vic team selection to participate in 2021 School Sport Australia Championships. For further details, please visit the Team Vic page of this website. 

We encourage students to check out these ways to remain active and practice your sport skills during this time as well as join our weekly live Q&A sessions with Team Vic Alumni called The Ask School Sport Victoria Show #ASKSSV.

▻ PODCAST ➝ The #ASKSSV Podcast

▻ YOUTUBE ➝ SSV YouTube Account

All of the up and coming shows can be seen on Youtube or this page of the SSV website