School Sport Victoria is pleased to launch Play as a participation stream within School Sport Victoria's pathway.

SSV Play, aims to engage less active students and those not currently participating in interschool sport, through providing a range of activities that are non-competitive and focus on participation.

SSV Play provides more social, non-competitive ways for students to play sport –and is delivered alongside and complements the comprehensive SSV interschool sport program, which currently offers a wide range of team and individual sports.

During 2020 and 2021, SSV piloted a range of activities to engage more students to play sport. These activities have been informed by students to shape the SSV Play program. SSV will continue to engage with students to inform the mix of activities offered through the SSV Play program each year.

In 2020, SSV provided 29,724 student participation opportunities through virtual activities, and in 2021 participation opportunities were through pilot SSV Play activities. Our rapidly expanding SSV Play Program, will provide even more opportunities in 2022 for students to play sport and be physically active.

SSV Play aims to address some of the current barriers schools and students may face in being able to participate in school sport, including:

  • affordability and accessibility of local opportunities;
  • younger children wanting to play sport that is focussed on fun, skill development and playing with friends;
  • the significant drop in sport participation from the age of 15 years, which aligns with sports focus on ability and competition; and
  • some students being put off by the pressure to perform and win.

As part of the Positive Start in 2022 initiative, School Sport Victoria will be offering more opportunities for both primary and secondary Victorian students to participate in sport and physical activity, under the SSV Play program.

Government or low-fee non-government schools will be prioritised.

To access the SSV Play program for your school, click on the activity below for further details. 

For some activities, schools are to submit an Expression of Interest, so get in early. Where a school has submitted an Expression of Interest for multiple SSV Play activities, School Sport Victoria is prioritising the selection of one activity for a school at this time.

An Expression of Interest is not required to get involved in the Virtual Cross Country, which all schools can participate in, even if they are already participating in other SSV Play activities.

Expressions of Interest will open in early 2023. 

Play participation opportunities

These are the non-competitive participation opportunities being offered by SSV


School Sport Victoria in partnership with the Victorian State Schools Spectacular is thrilled to offer free breakdancing sessions for your school as part of the new SSV Play participation stream. These breakdancing sessions are an introductory program delivered by qualified breakdance teachers. The sessions have a social, fun, and interactive focus and can be delivered in schools or in a virtual setting.

Lets dance.

Diversity Dash

Diversity Dash encourages students to get out and get active as part of a fun, social, colourful and inclusive event which is delivered by schools within the school setting.

Students will be able to run, skip, dance or walk their way through a course that will have staffed checkpoints. Schools can incorporate fun activities like treasure hunts, obstacle courses, or activities along the course.

Schools successful with an application for this program will be provided with an 'Event Pack' to assist in organising, promoting, and conducting the event. The focus on colour provides the opportunity to celebrate diversity amongst the school community and integrate key messages around cultural diversity, disability, gender equality, Koorie and LGBTIQ inclusion and the engagement of all students no matter their background, gender or ability.

How to dash.


School Sport Victoria has partnered with The Y to provide a free skateboarding session at your school. All Aboard Skateboarding is an introductory skateboarding program delivered by the Victorian Skateboard Association (VSA). The sessions have a social, non-competitive focus and can be delivered in schools.

Start Rolling.

Virtual Cross Country

SSV is delighted to provide this great opportunity again in 2022. Victorian primary and secondary students can take part in any way they would like. Students can run, jog or walk for a new personal best or for fun and fitness. The main aim is for students to get out and give it a go. Every metre run by a student will earn virtual points for their school. Students will be given the option to submit their results online, but if they wish they also now have the additional option to not have their results made public. #SSVVXC.

Ready, set, go.

School Games

​In Term 3 and Term 4 2022, School Sport Victoria in partnership with Reclink Australia is excited to offer free SSV School Games sessions for your school as part of SSV Play. SSV School Games sessions will be delivered at your school by qualified Reclink coordinators who will take your everyday school yard games to the next level. Students will get to try new SSV School Games and experience a twist on the old favourites they know and love. The sessions will have a social, fun, and interactive focus that will engage students of all fitness levels and abilities. Your school’s recess and lunch times will be filled with energy, movement and excitement as they continue to play SSV School Games with their friends long after the sessions have ended.

It's Game Time!.

The Diversity Dash gave the opportunity to address the serious issue of the need to be inclusive of all students, no matter the race, gender, sexuality, age, religion while at the same time incorporating the health aspect and creating a reason for students to join the cross country activity.

- James Claney (Oberon High School)

Skateboarding was well received and the students improved so much! Students had to take positive risks to improve and bounce back when they had a stumble. It was great to see the year 7 and 8 students push themselves to improve. Anna Crosswhite .

- Anna Crosswhite (Melbourne Girls’ College)

Breakdancing was a great experience for the kids, the most exercise they have done in a while. Fantastic opportunity, glad I found out about it.

- Danae Swinburne (St Kevin's Primary School)