SSV is pleased to introduce SSV Play as a new participation stream within SSV's school sport pathway. SSV Play aims to engage less active students and those not currently participating in interschool sport.

During 2021, SSV is planning on piloting a range of activities to engage more students to play sport. These activities have been informed by students, who SSV engaged with during last year, in shaping up the SSV Play program for this year.

SSV Play will provide more social, non-competitive ways for students to play sport – and will be delivered alongside and complement the comprehensive SSV interschool sport program, which currently offers a wide range of team and individual sports.

SSV Play aims to address some of the current barriers schools and students may face in being able to participate in interschool sport, including: affordability and accessibility of local opportunities; younger children wanting to play sport that is focussed on fun, skill development and playing with friends; the significant drop in sport participation from the age of 15 years, which aligns with sports focus on ability and competition; and some students being put off by the pressure to perform and win.

Play participation opportunities

These are the non-competitive participation opportunities being offered by SSV


School Sport Victoria in partnership with the Victorian State Schools Spectacular is thrilled to offer free breakdancing sessions for your school as part of the new SSV Play participation stream. These breakdancing sessions are an introductory program delivered by qualified breakdance teachers. The sessions have a social, fun, and interactive focus and can be delivered in schools or in a virtual setting.

Lets dance.

Diversity Dash

Diversity Dash encourages students to get out and get active as part of a fun, social, colourful and inclusive event conducted with the school grounds.. Students will be able to run, skip, dance or walk their way through a course which will have staffed checkpoints. Schools can incorporate fun activities like treasure hunts, obstacle courses or activities along the course. The event is to be delivered by schools and preferably within the school setting. Schools successful with application for this program will be provided with an 'Event Pack' to assist in organising, promoting and conducting the event.

Get on it.


School Sport Victoria has partnered with The Y to provide a free skateboarding session at your school. All Aboard Skateboarding is an introductory skateboarding program delivered by the Victorian Skateboard Association (VSA). The sessions have a social, non-competitive focus and can be delivered in schools.

Start Rolling.

Virtual Cross Country

Built on the success of the 2020 Virtual Cross Country event, SSV is delighted to provide this great opportunity again in 2021. Victorian primary and secondary students can take part in any way they would like - they can run or walk. Students can run or walk for a new personal best or for fun and fitness. The main aim is for students to get out and give it a go. Every meter run by a student will earn virtual points for their school. Students will be given the option to submit their performance, but if they wish they also now have the additional option to not have their performance made public. #SSVVXC.

Ready, set, go.

Virtual Track and Field

​Victorian primary and secondary students are encouraged to take part in this great opportunity. There are several ways they can be involved. SSV is not looking for the best performance, we are looking for students to give it a try.

By taking part in this great event, students will not only score points for their school, but they will also be improving themselves every time they try. There is nothing better than self-improvement and personal bests.

Jump to it.

It was great to do the breakdancing session after learning about it as part of the ciriculum.

- Mrs Keats (Golden Lake Primary School)

The Virtual Track and Field is a great way to have my kids take part in a running event that is being participated in by other Victorian Students.

- Susie Stella

Skateboarding session was great. The team worked well with all the students.

- Mr. Selwood (Pinetree Gully High School)