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The 2024 SSV State Swimming Championships are being held as a combined Primary and Secondary event on the same day on Friday, 19 April. 

Not sure what to expect when you arrive at the State Swimming Championships? This video gives a behind-the-scenes look at the various stages all athletes go through from arriving to competing.


All Event times are indicative only. This event information is indicative only and subject to change.

The seeded combined Secondary and Primary State Championships meet program with competitors listed is now available within the Event Calendar listing. Please also make sure you read this important information announcement covering lots of details about the event.  

Please note that within the State Swimming Championships event calendar listing you can also find the Swimming Program and Records - Event Nos. & indicative start times by stroke. 

Please note that marshalling will be via the Marshalling Room &  placegetters are expected to wear a school top for presentations. 

Age Categories:


  • 9-10 Boys and Girls
  • 9-10 Boys and Girls Multi Class
  • 11 Boys and Girls
  • 11 Boys and Girls Multi Class
  • 12-13 Boys and Girls
  • 12-13 Boys and Girls Multi Class


  • 12-13 Boys and Girls
  • 12-14 Boys and Girls Multi Class
  • 14 Boys and Girls
  • 15 Boys and Girls
  • 16 Boys and Girls
  • 15-16 Boys and Girls Multi Class
  • 17 Boys and Girls
  • 17-20 Boys and Girls Multi Class
  • 18-20 Boys and Girls

The program consists of individual events in each of the four major swimming strokes, also freestyle relay events for each age group and medley relay races in a smaller number of age groups.​

SSV State Swimming Championships

Friday 19 April 2024 - 10:00 AM

The event will be live streamed. One link four channels.​

All State events are listed prior to the date of the event in the Event Calendar located on the right hand side panel. Each event will contain the venue, convenor, rules, information, draws/schedule & results. Results can be accessed post event by using the State Results link or by going to the State Event Calendar Section & selecting the date of the event.


​​​Rules: Swimming - Primary and Secondary

State Results

State Champions



Announcements - View announcements  Announcements



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