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​​​​​​​​​Cricket State Championships are conducted by School Sport Victoria and are played at both Primary and Secondary school levels. 

Primary students play Cricket Blast (Super 8s Format) and Secondary students play T20 under Cricket Australia's 'Junior Cricket Formats 20 over Detailed Match Day rules'.

Note: Secondary Divisions may elect to play Cricket Victoria's Cricket Blast School Cup format for the Year 7 & Year 8 Boys/Mixed & Year 7 & Year 8 Girls age-groups (Modified 8 overs a side. Multiple Games on one oval – See Year 7 & 8 Cricket Blast rules), however at the Region & State level competitions the following formats will apply – see table below.

Cricket Formats 

Please see Cricket Australia's Junior Cricket Pathwayconsult the table​ and the links for the relevant rules and restrictions – player numbers, pitch length, boundary and ball.

Detailed Rules: Cricket Australia Cricket Blast

Age Groups

Age Groups:  Primary Girls. Primary Boys/Mixed; Year 7 Boys/Mixed; Year 7 Girls; Year 8 Boys/Mixed; Year 8 Girls; Intermediate Boys/Mixed (Yrs 9-10); Intermediate Girls (Yrs 9-10); Senior Boys/Mixed (Yrs 11-12); Senior Girls (Yrs 11-12).


Regions will be required to play Quarter Finals prior to the scheduled State Semi Finals, except for Primary Boys & Primary Girls in which all Regions progress through to the state finals.

The Regions in Year 7 Boys/Mixed, Year 7 Girls, Year 8 Boys/Mixed, Year 8 Girls, Intermediate Boys, Intermediate Girls, Senior Boys and Senior Girls will play off in the following format for the Quarter Finals:

EMR v HUME     GWR v WMR     LMR v NMR     SMR v GIPPS​

All State events are listed prior to the date of the event in the Event Calendar located on the right hand side panel. Each event will contain the venue, convenor, rules, information, draws/schedule & results. Results can be accessed post event by using the State Results link or by going to the State Event Calendar Section & selecting the date of the event.


 We value partnering with Cricket Victoria​, you may find some more information on their website



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Cricket Stage 1 Junior Format Suggested Modified Balls71{8ba673e6-5df2-4c0c-bf92-30ef694098d0}Cricket Stage 1 Junior Format Suggested Modified Balls6/02/2022 11:48:23 PM<div class="ExternalClass8878705139044D69A3520F9272FF3C38"><p><a href="" target="_blank">​Cricket Stage 1 Junior Format Suggested Modified Balls</a><br></p></div>