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Multi Class Athletes

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Multi Class Participation

School Sport Victoria is looking to increase participants at the three major Multi Class events this year; Swimming, Cross Country and Track and Field.​​


Important Links

Download or view the 

Paralympic Classification Information

SSV General Classification Guide for 2018​

Sport Inclusion for Intellectual Disability



Opportunities for Multi Class Athletes 

Please ensure you promote your Region dates for all schools including Multi Class events. All the latest information can be found on this page of our website

You can get a list of Special Schools Local Placement on the SSV website

 School Sport Victoria (SSV) Multi Class Athlete program addresses the needs of students with a disability in Victorian schools. Through this program SSV will:

  • Engage with schools to encourage participation of Multi Class athletes at division / district level competitions
  • Provide advice and support to schools to ensure all Multi Class athletes have access to current participation initiatives
  • Identify SSV competitions that support participation from Multi Class athletes and identify gaps
  • Work with State Sporting Organisations (SSOs) and key sporting bodies to develop new Multi Class athlete  events and competitions
  • Assist SSOs involved in the Multi Class athlete Sporting Program to provide links to clubs for participants
  • Create partnerships with SSOs, local clubs, leagues and associations that provide support to Multi Class athlete programs
  • Engage with the tertiary sector to ensure PE undergraduates from universities have the opportunity to participate at events for Multi Class athletes (including SSV events, endorsed Special School events and SSA school events) to build the capacity of teachers
  • Work with ACHPER Vic and SSOs to ensure Professional Learning opportunities are provided for teachers



Opportunities for Multi Class Athletes 

South-East Special Schools Sports Association (SSSSA) Information is here.

Sport In​​clusion Opportunities

​SSV Multi Class Athlete Opportunities​

ATHLETICS VICTORIA: Athletics Victoria: Swimming, Track and Field and Cross Country pathway for Multiclass Athletes​

Multi Class Classification Process for Athletes, Teachers and Parents

Multi Class Classification Process for physios, GP Specialists

Multi Class PI Provissional Classification Form


Multi Class Athletics and using the Multi-Disabled Standards (MDS)

The MDS tables have been designed over a number of years to try and assist competition management to determine places in events where athletes with a variety of disabilities compete in the same event. Read more...

​Multi Class Athletics MDS (2017-2018)


​WheelTalk Di​​​sability Awareness

Every year our WheelTalk Disability Awareness Program visits thousands of students to raise disability awareness and promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Visit Wheeltalk's Disability Awareness' Website for more information.

What is WheelTalk?
An interactive program teaching students about diversity, acceptance and disability.
Presenters are Victorians with disability who are actively involved in sport and recreation.
At the end of the presentation, participants play up to an hour of wheelchair basketball, which gives them a physical understanding of what it is like to live with a disability.

WheelTalk meets the Victorian Curriculum for Primary, Secondary, VCE, VCAL

To compete at any community sport across Victoria click on the access all abilities website link below!

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