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The Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) in partnership with School Sport Victoria are pleased to announce that the school speaker program Be Fit. Be Well. Is now being rolled out online to Government schools in Victoria.​

VIS athletes have visited schools as part of the speaker program Be Fit. Be Well. For almost a quarter of a century. Many of the VIS’ most prominent sports stars have been through the program, which continues to be extremely popular with schools. Around 40 VIS athletes undertake around 200 visits a year and is free of charge to Government schools. In 2019 the program engaged almost 8000 students across the state.

Teachers have been forced to think creatively around their online learning of students and this is a time that calls for resiliency and overcoming adversity. There is no better time for the VIS’ athletes to continue to motivate students in Victoria with their inspirational stories, which is now possible through the virtual program.

If your school is interested in the program, please contact the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) reception on +61 3 9425 0000 or email