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Please note the Championships will be going ahead, modifications will be made to the program as necessary. Plan to arrive as per the advertised schedule reporting to the call room 30 mins prior. Bring clothes for wet weather. Any changes will be announced at the venue, on the SSV website and via social media. Track events and many field events are being live streamed watch live

State Primary​ Track & Field Championships Program

You can view or download the program​

​Team Vic Information​

All team vic information can be found via this link:

​Team Vic Combined Events

If you would like to be considered for the Team Vic Track & Field Team for the combined events, please register your details online.

​Team Vic Selection Criteria

School Sport Victoria will be entering a team of approximately 140 athletes in the School Sport Australia (SSA) Track & Field Championships.  These championships will be part of the Pacific School Games being held in Adelaide from 2 to 6 December 2017. The SSA Track and Field Championships are open to students who turn 10, 11 or 12 in 2017. 

The events contested at the SSA Championships are 100m, 200m, 800m, 1500m, ​Long Jump, High ​​​Jump (able body only), Shot Put, Discus and Combined Event (able body only). NOTE: Hurdles, and Triple Jump are contested but are not selection events.

The SSV Primary State Championships will be the selection trials for the Victoria Team.

Athletes are not required to register for this team. The execption being Combined Events (Formerly known as Multi Events, or Tetrathlon) will be required to complete the online registration Combined Entry Form​.  Successful athletes at the SSV State Championships will be approached after their event and invited to participate in the Victorian Team. Further information about the Victoria Team will be available at this time.

Region winners interested in nominating for the Combined Event (Formerly known as 'Tetrathlon' or 'Multi Events') will be required to download the Combined Event form from the SSV website. To be considered for the Combined Event, the completed form must be handed to the Selectors at SSV State Championships.

Multi Class Athletes (Athletes with a Disability) will also be considered for selection in the team. Selectors will take into consideration the Multi Class competitor's performance and place in the SSV State Championships and the percentage score as calculated using the Athletics Australia Multi Disability Standards.

12 Year old students attending a secondary school may nominate for the team on the SSV web page. 'Invitation' 100m, 200m and 800m track events are being held at the SSV State Finals for 12 year old secondary students seeking selection. Other events offered are High Jump. Long Jump, Shot Put and Discus. These students are not eligible for medals or to break records.

The Victoria Team will be announced on the SSV website after the SSV State Championships

​​12 Years in Secondary School​​

All 12 year olds in Secondary School, are eligible to be considered for selection for the Team Vic Track & Field Team. They need to first register below, to be invited to compete, for selection purposes, at the SSV Primary Track & Field State Championships, Monday 30 October 2017, Lakeside Stadium.​​


29/10/2017Team Vic

You can access and download all the calendars on this page​ of the website. ​

NB. The information contained in the following calendar links was correct at the time of publishing – December 2017.

Dates are always subject to change. Please remember to always check the SSV website's Event Calendars for confirming all Division, Region & State dates.

4/03/2018Team Vic
11/03/2018Team Vic
30/04/2018Team Vic
20/05/2018Team Vic

All State Results can be accessed here.

13/05/2018Team Vic
13/05/2018Team Vic
13/05/2018Team Vic
26/05/2018Team Vic
27/05/2018Team Vic
27/05/2018Team Vic
17/06/2018Team Vic
17/06/2018Team Vic
17/06/2018Team Vic
24/06/2018Team Vic
13/06/2018Team Vic
14/06/2018Team Vic
24/06/2018Team Vic
8/07/2018Team Vic
29/07/2018Team Vic
8/07/2018Team Vic
8/07/2018Team Vic
5/08/2018Team Vic
15/07/2018Team Vic

You can find the course map, rules (including race start times) and start lists by selecting the State Cross Country Championships Event in the State Event Calendar

Quick links:

Race numbers are to be collected at the registration tent on the day. Allow sufficient time to line-up & collect your race number pre-race.  

All information

Event Race Start Times

Competitor Start List

Souvenir Program to download only. (NB. Programs will not be available for purchase at the event. Please download your own version. The competitor start list is accurate as at Thursday, 12 July, 2018 & will not be updated)



15/09/2018Team Vic
5/08/2018Team Vic
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