2022 SSV Membership Fees

Join over 2300 Victorian primary and secondary member schools in accessing a wide range of school sport programs and benefits provided through School Sport Victoria (SSV).

Victorian schools need to be financial members of SSV, through payment of an annual membership fee, to be affiliated with SSV.

SSV membership is not a fee for service but rather an affiliation fee that provides a range of benefits for a member school and its students to access, whilst also supporting the overall role and operations of SSV.

Details of membership categories, and other membership information, is outlined in SSV’s Membership Policy.

The SSV Membership Fees for 2022 are:

Primary Full and Associate$1.62 per student
Primary Specialist Schools$43.58 per school
Secondary Full and Associate$2.80 per student
Secondary Affiliate Schools$0.88 per student
Secondary Specialist Schools$69.74 per school


  • School population size is based on the 2021 school census data.
  • Schools will be sent an invoice from the Department of Education and Training for 2022 SSV Membership Fees in early Term 1 2022.
  • Payment terms are 30 days. Fees are to be paid by the end of Term 1, for schools to access the range of benefits of SSV membership.
  • By paying the SSV membership fee, schools agree to abide by the Policies and Rules that govern SSV and its competitions.
  • In addition to the SSV membership fees, Full and Associate member schools may be required to pay local fees to support the delivery of local level competitions, as agreed by the District/Division Committee.

* The SSV Membership Fee considerations:

  • SSV Membership Fees remain the same as in 2021, acknowledging the current and changing climate for the provision of school sport.
  • An increase in SSV's Membership Fees in future years are anticipated to support the longer-term financial sustainability of SSV and address the increasing costs associated with delivering quality school sport to a growing population, as outlined in the SSV Strategic Directions 2020 to 2030.

Download Full Three-Page Membership Benefits Document