2021 SSV Membership Fees 

The SSV Membership Fees for 2021 are:

Sector 2021*
Primary Full and Associate
$1.62 per student
Primary Specialist Schools
$43.58 per school
Secondary Full and Associate
$2.80 per student
Secondary Affiliate Schools
$0.88 per student
Secondary Specialist Schools
$69.74 per school

SSV Membership Loyalty Discount​:

SSV has recently released 2021 membership information to schools which  includes a 32% refund on paid  2020 memberships, reflected as a discount on 2021 membership fees, given the impact of the pandemic on school sport last year. 

Additionally, for SSV member schools who paid their SSV Membership Fee in 2020, a 3% discount will be applied, to reflect their loyalty and continued commitment to SSV during 2020:

​Sector 2021*
​Primary Full and Associate
$1.57 per student
​Primary Specialist Schools
​$42.33 per school
​Secondary Full and Associate
​$2.72 per student
​Secondary Affiliate Schools
​$0.86 per student
​Secondary Specialist Schools
​$67.75 per school


  • School population size is based on the school census data from the previous year.

  • Schools will be sent an invoice for the 2021 SSV Membership Fees in early Term 1 2021. These are to be paid within 30 days of receipt.

* The SSV Membership Fee for 2021 reflects:

  • Addressing the longer-term financial sustainability of SSV.

  • Anticipated increase in SSV’s delivery costs for school sport events and competitions in 2021, including additional measures required to be put in place due to coronavirus (COVID-19) (eg: additional hygiene measures).

  • Recognition of current uncertainty around State Sporting Organisations’ capacity to deliver school sport opportunities in 2021, which may require additional cost and delivery by SSV.

  • Costs of affiliation with SSV, as outlined in SSV’s Membership Policy.

Membership Benefits for 2021:

SSV is planning to release a summary of 2021 SSV Membership Benefits across each of the SSV Membership categories in conjunction with invoices being issued to schools for 2021 Membership Fees.

SSV recognises the impacts to school sport programs, events and competition during 2020 due to coronavirus (COVID-19). SSV will continue to monitor and act on the advice of the Victorian Chief Health Officer and the Department of Health and Human Services in relation to coronavirus (COVID-19). Any impacts to planned delivery of SSV programs, events and competitions in 2021 will be monitored closely and communicated via SSV communication channels:

Download Full Three-Page Membership Benefits Document